The Exchange

Buy. Sell. Share. Exchange.


Looking to buy

Go here to find and purchase any number of textbooks within the curriculum of Baruch’s course catalog.

Looking to sell

Go here to take any Baruch curriculum textbook you already own and offer it on the marketplace.

Let’s split it

Want to split the difference for a textbook with a classmate? Go here to find students signed up for the Textbook Share program.

Let’s trade

Want to get rid of that textbook from last semester? Need a new textbook for an upcoming course? Go here to browse among students looking to arrange a textbook trade.

What are students saying about us?

“Baruch Textbook Share helped me save hundreds of dollars for the spring semester and I was able to give my old textbooks to another student””

-Mike Jones

“Baruch Textbook share made both my Roomate and I happy because I made room in our apartment by getting rid of old textbooks!”

-Julia Heinz

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