4 Fun Things To Do At Home — New Lune

I hope you are all doing well! With the current situation that’s going on whether you are self-isolating, in quarantine or can’t leave your home, you might feel the pressure to work productively at home or to do something efficiently which is completely normal. Depending on your situation, you might be working from home so […]Continue reading “4 Fun Things To Do At Home — New Lune”

Distance Learning to Continue for Summer Sessions

For our classmates who will be hitting the books with us this summer, CUNY recently announced some (unsurprising) news: distance learning will continue at Baruch and all CUNY schools for the summer 2020 sessions. This is a sensible decision given New York’s status as the epicenter for COVID19 in the United States. So we hopeContinue reading “Distance Learning to Continue for Summer Sessions”

Student Employment and Financial Needs Survey

Part of our mission at Baruch Textbook Share is to help our Baruch classmates save money and optimize their academic resources. Many of us work part-time or full-time jobs in order to finance our CUNY education. But in these unprecedented times, many of our classmates are facing job insecurity and mounting financial strain, so we’reContinue reading “Student Employment and Financial Needs Survey”

Instagram Live Workouts with EBOOST + 4 At-Home Workout Apps — EBOOST Blog

Working out and getting fit is usually a bit easier than we are finding it to be now. You used to be able to just roll into your class and have the instructor tell you what to do. With a pandemic on our hands and the need for us to stay inside getting more critical, […]Continue reading “Instagram Live Workouts with EBOOST + 4 At-Home Workout Apps — EBOOST Blog”

At Home Workout || Full Body – No Equipment —

What to do in these wretched times where boredom sets in more often than ever? Well, while many of us practise either social distancing or, for the sick and/or affected, quarantine. It stands to reason that people who are social distancing might go for walks once in a while but the ones who are quarantined […]Continue reading “At Home Workout || Full Body – No Equipment —”