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Baruch Textbook Share is an online marketplace for students to buy, sell, share and exchange textbooks. Why spend more for a new book when you can buy a used one from a fellow student who just finished the class? Search our listings for next semester’s courses, and list your books too!

Our exchange is broken up by section depending on your needs, with seamless navigation between pages. Search by textbook or by course name, and connect with fellow students. The perfect trade could be a click away!

Our Mission

This website was created by students, for students. We, like many of you, are tired of spending hundreds of dollars every semester on overpriced textbooks. The average college student spends more than $1,200 on books and materials each year, only to let them collect dust once the semester ends. This wasteful spending is a burden that we’ve shouldered throughout our collegiate journey, and it needn’t continue. We at Baruch Textbook Share intend to leverage our platform to promote more efficient allocation of our individual academic resources and strengthen collaboration within the Baruch community.

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